On December 10, the closing ceremony of the diploma course “Watersheds and Climate Change” was held in the city of Santa Cruz del Quiché. The course was taught to extension professionals of the Municipal Agricultural Extension Agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAGA) of the department of Quiché.

All participants successfully completed the learning process.

The course was developed virtually and had a duration of four months; from August to November 2021. The goal of the course was to strengthen the capacities of the participants in terms of adaptation to climate change in agriculture systems and of the role of a watershed approach to adaptation.

The accreditation was given in person by representatives of government entities and the ICC.

The following topics were addressed in the course:

The process required a series of tasks and exhibits to achieve meaningful learning. A total of 22 professionals participated in the diploma course and it was coordinated with Quiché’s delegation of MAGA.