ICC manages a network of 30 meteorological stations in southern Guatemala, and now there are three new stations recently installed in El Salvador.

The installation of the three meteorological stations in El Salvador is a cooperative effort between the Sugar Company of El Salvador (Grupo CASSA) and ICC. The stations are located in the facilities of Central Izalco, municipality of Izalco in the west of the country, another in the Ingenio Chaparrastique (sugar mill), municipality of San Miguel, and the third in other facilities of Ingenio Chaparrastique located in the municipality of Usulután

Location of the weather stations installed in El Salvador.

What is a meteorological station?

A meteorological station is an installation with sensors and equipment, designed to measure and record various meteorological variables in order to study the weather conditions and, in the long term, the weather. The new stations are automatic, which means that they monitor and remotely transmit information every fifteen minutes of the following variables: temperature, solar radiation, relative humidity, precipitation, leaf wetting, wind speed and direction. The stations are important tools that provide real-time information for decision-making regarding agricultural and livestock sustainability, water management, biodiversity conservation, human health and effects of climate variability on populations and communities, including information associated with integrated disaster risk management.

In addition, the stations contribute to the systematic observation of the climate, which includes the increase in temperature, extreme weather events (for example, intense rainfall, droughts and heat waves) and changes in annual temperature and precipitation patterns in the context of a changing climate and its associated variability. From the information of the meteorological stations, very important studies are developed, such as the start, end, duration and intensity of the “canícula” (which is a dry period during the rainy season), the start and end of the rainy season, water balance and meteorological summaries.

The three new meteorological stations of Grupo CASSA, in El Salvador, join the Network of Meteorological Stations and the Meteorological Information System -REDMET- managed by the ICC.

The information provided by REDMET stations, including the three new stations in El Salvador, can be accessed by the general public in real time and free of charge at the following link: https://redmet.icc.org.gt /login.

This action is a contribution and commitment of the work in favour of socio-environmental sustainability promoted by Grupo CASSA and its support and impulse to the work of the ICC in El Salvador.

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