Reforestations are one of the key actions that the ICC performs to mitigate climate change, thus, this week the specialists of the ICC and INAB region IX monitored several community tree nurseries in Suchitepequez, to verify the conditions of the plants and that the tree nurseries comply with the characteristics that are needed for plants to have a good development in the permanent field.

Visits were to the nurseries located in the communities El Triunfo, Bolivia, Willy Wood, San Marcos Niza, Las Areas Hamlet and Tahuexco, all of them in Suchitepequez, to provide technical advisory to the producers of those tree nurseries.

Different species of plants with different purposes are being reproduced in those nurseries, among native and foreign species such as Eucalypt, Cedar, Mahogany, Matilisguate and Mangrove, among others. Those plants have energetic, conservation and wood purposes.

2016 goal

For this 2016, the goal of the ICC is to plant more than 600 thousand trees in the Pacific Slope of Guatemala, therefore, more than 50 tree nurseries have been established.



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