The Chiquirines weather station, located at the Chiquirines village, in La Blanca, San Marcos, started operations this January 28th.

This is the 23rd station of the ICC Weather Station Network, and it is thanks to the interinstitutional cooperation between the Bananera Nacional Company, the Association of Independent Banana Producers -APIB- and the ICC.

The meteorological information will be available through the website Information includes temperature, solar radiation, relative humidity, precipitation (rain), leaf wetness, soil wetness, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed and direction.This station is on a trial period, which will be over in the upcoming weeks.

This new station will generate information from an area where we didn’t have meteorological information, and will allow us to have climate information from this highly important area of the country in the nearby future.

Get the data

To get the data generated by Chiquirines, you must log in to, register with your email address and set up a password. Information is free of charge for researchers, academic professors, students and general people. Data generated by the 23 stations is updated every 15 minutes.

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