In the last five days, the ICC’s Weather Station Network has registered the rainfall in Southern Guatemala. We share some of the data registered through some of the 28 stations. The total registry can be downloaded from

Alamo, Tecun Uman, San Marcos: 93.4 mm

Amazonas, lower basins of Escuintla: 235.8 mm

Cengicana, Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa: 20.8 mm

Irlanda, Tiquisate, Escuintla: 118 mm

La Maquina, lower basins of Santa Rosa: 249 mm

Lorena, San Antonio Suchitepequez: 166 mm

Providencia, Champerico, Retalhuleu: 175.8 mm

San Antonio El Valle, lower basins of Escuintla: 188.8 mm

San Rafael, lower basins of Escuintla: 294 mm

Trinidad Magdalena, lower basins of Santa Rosa: 346.6 mm

Tulula, Cuyotenango, Suchitepequez: 131.8 mm

As the INSIVUMEH reports, the rainfall for these days in Escuintla, Retalhuleu and southern Jutiapa are over 100% of what normally rains for the month.

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