Private Institute for Climate Change Research, Guatemala. Due to the humidity that enters the country from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, we are expecting to have rains along the midlands and the central parts of the country.

Forecast for the central area:  Fog in the morning, cloudy and scattered clouds during the day, rain and electric activity in the afternoon and night. Most of rains can occur in the western areas of the country. North wind switching to south in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures: Guatemala City from 26.0 ºC to 28.0ºC, Central and Western Highlands from 24.0 °C to 29.0 ºC, Minimum Temperatures: Guatemala City from 14.0° to 16°C, Western highlands from 8.0°C to 10.0°C.

Forecast for the Pacific: Some areas could have fog and clouds in the morning, which can increase as rains develop. Rains and electric activity is expected for the afternoons and nights. Most rains could occur in the midlands and south west. South east light winds. Maximum temperatures from 33.0 ºC to 38.0 ºC.


In the picture:

The earth model shows blue lines that represent the flow from the east of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as from the Pacific. Darker blue shows the areas where rain could happen, mainly in the midlands.

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