This week will have warm and humid days, with cloudy skies, and rains with electric activity in the afternoons and nights; rains could be heavier in central and southern Guatemala.

Additionally, and due to an Eastern Wave that is approaching Central America, and if the wave continues its current trajectory, it could increases rains as of Thursday, June the 1st.

Due to those forecasts, it is recommended to take cautionary actions when traveling in the roads of the country because of the recent and forecasted heavy rains. Landslides, mudflows, and sudden increase of river flows could still occur.

It is also reported that soils are saturated, mainly in the north eastern areas, Guatemala Department, volcanic chain, and south west, since rains have already overpass the climatic averages for May.



The satellite images of water vapor shows the great amount of humidity in the Central American region, which will result in rain and electric activity for today, and the upcoming days.

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