Private Institute for Climate Change Research, Guatemala. Due to a low pressure system and the Monsoon trough (located to the south of Guatemala) rains shall continue, mainly in southern midlands and central areas of the country.

Forecast for central areas: fog in the morning, scattered clouds sunny throughout the day, and rains and thunders in the afternoons and nights. Most of rainfall can occur in the west. North light winds switching to southern in the afternoons. Maximum temperatures: Guatemala City from 26.0 ºC to 28.0ºC, Central and Western Highlands from 24.0 °C to 29.0 ºC.

Forecast for the Pacific: some areas can have fog in the morning, as well as clouds. During the afternnon clouds could develop, rains and thunder storms are expected in the afternoon and nights. South west winds. Maximum temperatures from 33.0°C to 35°C.

Flow lines and rain, Earth, 2018.

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