The strong rains that have recently affected the Pacific region of the country were caused by an eastern wave, which is normal of the season. However, another eastern wave is expected to intensify rains by Thursday. Current conditions allow rains to occur across the country due to the great amount of humidity that is allocated over the nation. The most intense rains could occur in the southern regions.

The rainy activity of the month, the continuous flow of the eastern waves, and the approaching of the intertropical convergence zone have saturated soils, which can cause sudden floods to occur, as well as landslides.

It is important to highlight that these conditions will continue throughout October due to the very same nature of the rainy season.


Intense rains and floods were registered in the Pacific slopes yesterday night. The Coyolate, Samala, Sis and Ican rivers had significant increases in their flows, causing floods.

Therefore, we recommend to take the appropriate caution measures and to heed the recommendations issued by authorities to avoid disasters and tragedies, since these conditions will continue to affect the country.

Picture: An increase in the flow of the Sis River in Mazatenango. Picture of Prensa Libre taken on September 18th, 2017. Taken from their website.

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