Representatives of various Latin American universities carry out an experience tour in Sololá

October 2, 2023

Academics and researchers from various Ibero-American universities carried out a field visit to the Altiplano Campus of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, where the ICC had the opportunity to present a series of climate change mitigation and adaptation alternatives which are part of research carried out in communities of the department of Sololá.  The field visit was organized as part of the IV Ibero-American Forum of Universities and Sustainability held in Antigua Guatemala, September 28th and 29th.

The visit was an opportunity to learn about different food security projects implemented in the region and several studies carried out on corn production, in relation to its adaptability considering factors such as height, temperature, season, irrigation, among others. One of the most interesting studies presented was the “Evaluation of the yield in kilograms per hectare of four high-yielding native varieties of corn (Zea mays L.), grown at different times in Tzamjuyup, Nahualá, Sololá”, which had the objective of identifying the impact generated by changes in the planting season on corn yield in that region.

Alejandra Reich, representative of the University of Buenos Aires and the Network of Argentine Universities for Environmental Management and Social Inclusion, highlighted how interesting researches carried out by the ICC are on how communities can adapt to climate change through studies of corn, implementation of fast-growing algae as bird food, 3D printing of phytoplankton, waste separation, among others. Alejandra added that this is “a very great contribution for the community and also for students and researchers of different universities”.

Researchers from the ICC also presented different vertical garden systems that are part of a project financed by the Spanish Cooperation and implemented by the ICC in Sololá, intended to strengthen food production methods in communities, which are valuable for families who lack space to establish conventional gardens, these systems function as an effective measure of adaptation to climate change and food security.

The IV Ibero-American Forum of Universities and Sustainability is an important academic activity, which has the objective of discussing progress in climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental management, sustainability, innovative actions and ecological projects and research of Ibero-American universities. For a long time, the ICC has worked together with different universities, highlighting the importance they have in integrating sectors to face the challenges of climate change.


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