The ICC was honored with the visit of Dave Ader, Forbes Walker, Chris Clark, Shawn Hawkins and Sara Beatriz Mulville, from the University of Tennessee, United States. They are experts in the fields of agriculture, environment and natural resources.

During their visit, from Monday to Wednesday (Feb 11 to 13) they got to know ICC’s work through field visits and presentations by ICC researchers.They visited rural communities, reforested areas and observed practices of soil conservation in the department of Escuintla, where different projects for mitigation and adaptation to climate change have been implemented. They also visited the most affected village by the eruption of Fuego Volcano in June 2018.

Dave Ader, a member of the Agriculture Institute, expressed that during their field visit they observed that the local initiatives to improve the life quality of the families and communities are very successful.  Furthermore, he recognized that the ICC has very high capacities and it is achieving excellent results through the work of its professional team that is in constant formation.


Figure 1. Communities and field actions and practices visited by the professionals from the University of Tennessee and ICC. a) soil conservation visit at one of Pantaleon’s farms; b) sustainable agriculture practices in Nueva Concepción; c) professionals and community leader from Nueva Concepción, Escuintla; d) presentation of one of the professionals from the University of Tennessee; e) Daniel Juárez (ICC) sharing study results; and f) a beneficiary woman explaining the benefits from the implementation of productive projects.

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