The Private Institute for Climate Change Research, ICC, alongside the agronomists of the School of Agriculture of the San Carlos University FAUSAC, and Interns from the University Center of the East CUNORI and FAUSAC, performed studies to establish the baseline of the diversity of flora, fish and birds at the watersheds and main stream flows of the Acome and Coyolate rivers, both in Southern Guatemala.

The investigation was performed from February to December 2015, gathering and generating information from the field through walking tours and sampling points along the main flows of the watersheds of the rivers stated above.

Then, they proceeded to determine (find species’ name based upon an existing taxonomic classification) the species of tree, fish and birds, and the statistics of the obtained data were analyzed to elaborate a botanic collection of trees and a photographic guide of fish and birds.

The investigation of the tree flora was directed by the agronomists Juan José Castillo Mont and David Mendieta, of the FAUSAC’s herbarium. The investigation of birds was led by the consultant Manuel Acevedo. The investigation of fish was in charge of the specialists of the ICC.

After those investigations, the obtained results are as follows:

The investigation, which took 10 months to be completed, was carried out by a total of 14 professionals. Researching the base line of bats of the mentioned areas is programed for this year (2016). This project is funded by the Magdalena and Pantaleon Sugar Mills, the International Union for Conservation of Nature IUCN and the ICC.

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