Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa children were benefited from a rainwater harvesting Project

April 04 , 2024

The inauguration of the first rainwater harvesting and storage system (SCALL) implemented by the ICC in schools on the southern coast of Guatemala took place at the Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta “Aldea El Horizonte” in Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa, Escuintla. The construction of this system was possible thanks to funding from Ingenio La Unión, with the objective of providing the children and staff of the school an adaptation action that will allow them to have greater availability of this valuable resource.

Because of El Niño phenomenon, in 2024 the lack of water is having major impact not only in Guatemala but throughout Central America. To face these challenges, rainwater storage is one of the actions to implement and take advantage of rain.

“Rainwater is a clean resource that reaches us at home and that we are wasting, so, at ICC we have been promoting rainwater harvesting, which means, we make some modifications to store and cover our needs by water that comes from the roofs” added Dr. Guerra.

0 thousand

liters of water is the storage capacity of the system, which is equivalent to filling more than 85 barrels. This will benefit more than 150 children in addition to the school staff.

Even though rainwater is clean, is not suitable for human consumption because of the contact with the roof, this is the reason why the project includes an Ecofiltro donation for the children to have drinking water.  

Gladys Rodríguez, principal from the educational establishment, commented that this project has been of great help for the school, because children have water to wash their hands and to drink. She also thanked to the institutions involved for the valuable support. This project has the expectative to be an example to replicate in more schools in the region.


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