From Thursday, June 2 to Tuesday, June 7, researchers from the Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC) received and coordinated the visit of Forbes Walker, PhD, and Shawn Hawkins, PhD, soil science and engineering specialists from the University of Tennessee, USA.

The agenda included a field tour to sugarcane, banana, and palm farms where the host companies showcased their work on soil erosion and conservation issues. During the field tour they received feedback and recommendations from the Tennessee experts.

Field tour with a banana company, which presented the results of an investigation on soil water erosion with technical advice from ICC (first formal study on erosion in this crop in Guatemala).


During the field tours, we learned about the efforts of a sugar production company that is using solid factory waste to make compost, and another one that is evaluating its current soil conservation structures.
As part of the agenda, an oil palm company presented its pilot project to produce biochar; a material that is very promising for improving soil biology, yields, moisture retention capacity, and carbon fixation in the soil, among other benefits.


“These actions are expected to strengthen the work of these companies and those that express interest in joining, through future consultancies and scientific support, in improving soil health and sustainability of production systems”.