ICC together with authorities of the Retalhuleu department, private sector of the area, representatives from the Ministry of Environment (MARN), National Coordinator for Disaster Risk Reduction (CONRED), Ministry of Agriculture (MAGA), National Forestry Institute (INAB) and the Ministry of Health (MSPAS) participated in a field visit to the Ocosito river basin, with the purpose of knowing the dynamics of the river and defining actions for an integrated management of the basin.

During the visit Luis Reyes – ICC’s Director of Operations, stated the importance of implementing strategies for a sustainable management of the natural resources of the Ocosito river basin.
At the end of the visit to the area, the government authorities recommended the involvement of other stakeholders from the neighbouring departments of Quetzaltenango and San Marcos, because the basin includes municipalities from those departments.

The field visit took place on October 27 of 2020.

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