The discharge measurement season 2015-2016 ended successfully last April, but because of the drought, the rivers Madre Vieja and Ocosito were gauged until May of this year.

The regular streamflow measurement period is in the dry season, which begins in November and finishes in April. Since 2015, the streamflow of the Ocosito, Samala, Nahualate, Madre Vieja, Coyolate, Acome, Achiguate and Maria Linda are measured to provide timely and truthful data to generate appropriate information to achieve a better efficiency in the programming, execution and evaluation of water management by its users.

This information is also helpful to elaborate water balances, sowing planning, and the analysis of the evolution of water resources throughout the years, elaboration of irrigation water distribution plans, and mainly as supportive information for conflict resolution that can happen between users of superficial water.

Technical roundtables

This 2016, entities such as MARN, PDH, Departmental Governorships and representatives from different local enterprises formed the technical roundtables in the Madre Vieja and Ocosito rivers. One of the main activities was streamflow measurement, since only by knowing the availability of water in the rivers a rational use of water can be promoted. The ICC was a key actor in such roundtables, providing technical details to the conversation.

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