Last Tuesday, the ICC participated in working sessions to strengthen the capacities for disaster response. The event started early in the morning in the Departmental Governorship of Escuintla and continued through the afternoon and involved several sectors from Escuintla.

The meetings were part of the project “Public and Private Alliances for Disaster Risk Management in Guatemala”.

The day started with the Meeting to Sensitize and Update the CODRED and Disaster Response Plan in Escuintla where the representatives from CODRED, ICC, Share, CONRED, and the Departmental Governor Aura Palala participated.

The topics discussed during that meeting were Institutional Strengthening, the Importance of the Participation of the Institutions in the CODRED, the Legal Basis of the CONRED system, Definition and Colors of the Alerts and the CODRED Structure. The final objective is to gain accreditation of the Departmental Coordinator.

In the afternoon, representatives from CONRED, ICC, APIB, SHARE, Grupo HAME, the Sugar Mills Pantaleon, Madre Tierra, La Union, Fundazucar, and the Governor Aura Palala participated in the Meeting to Sensitize and Organize the Emergency Operations Center of the Private Sector, Escuintla, held at the facilities of the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- to dialogue about the importance of articulating the Public and Private sectors against emergencies.

The synergy of those actions improves the capacity of coordinated management for disaster risk with participation of the private and public sectors, and civil society.

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