The ICC is about to finish for the fifth consecutive year, the monitoring of the main rivers during the dry season in the Pacific slope of Guatemala. During this season (November-May), seven technical teams travel around the Pacific slope measuring the flow of the rivers. Through the information from our teams, together with our network of hydrometric stations, an increase in rainfall was evidenced in the upper part of the basins and in the river mouths.

The Madre Vieja River is one of the watersheds that is monitored through the technology of the hydrometric stations, which has been transmitting information every 15 minutes for four years. This has made it possible to detect the increase in flow in the lower part, monitoring the floods caused by the most recent rains. The the rainy season is about to start so it is necessary to be attentive to the recommendations of the official entities of the country, CONRED and INSIVUMEH.

Cover photography: River mouth of the Madre Vieja River 19/04/2021