Sustainability of Productive Systems

The objective of this program is to contribute to the sustainability of production systems in the ICC’s area of work. To this end, it focuses on conducting greenhouse gas inventories of ICC members, including sugar production in Guatemala and CASSA (in El Salvador), as well as electricity generation; banana production of APIB (Association of Independent Banana Producers); and avocado production. A water footprint study is also conducted annually for these guilds.

In addition, studies and research are carried out that contribute to the conservation of biological diversity in the region, some of them focused on the management of protected areas and others related to production systems in the agro-landscape in the southern part of the country.

Soil conservation is another of the program’s lines of action, as applied research is being developed that is currently motivating and guiding the productive sectors to undertake efforts for soil and water conservation and restoration.

In collaboration with external cooperation entities, we have also developed municipal inventories of greenhouse gases, which have allowed us to participate in global platforms that promote the recognition of municipalities with the best routes to sustainability in relation to climate change.

The use and interpretation of the information provided by the ICC weather stations, as well as other information platforms, have made it possible for the program to provide support to the private initiative and the government sector, as well as to the citizenry, with respect to present and future decision making, especially in relation to agrometeorology. The agro-climatic roundtables in the south of the country are part of the platforms to which scientific technical support is provided.

Based on the scientific information generated as a result of the program’s lines of action, ICC provides inputs for decision-making in the environmental management of production systems, which in the territory translates into sustainability and governance.

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