Teachers from the National Educational System began with a series of sessions to update about climate change, as part of the follow-up that is given to the groups that received the climate change training years ago.

The process to update in climate change will consist of five sessions where they will gain new knowledge about climate change, planning for climate change adaptation, tools to teach about climate change, and watershed management, among others. People from Santa Rosa, Suchitepequez and Retalhuleu will be part of this update process. The Retalhuelu group began the update process last April 19th with 22 participants, while the Suchitepequez group started today with 14 participants.

The objective, as Pablo Yax, coordinator of the Capacity Building and Communications program explains, is for teachers to have up-to-date information about climate change, therefore the fives update sessions are based upon the most recent information published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC.

Community adaptation to climate change training beings in Champerico

The “Community adaptation to climate change training” started last week in Champerico.

The training has 46 participants from the Cuchuapan, Champerico, Nueva Cajola and Victorias III communities. It is remarkable to highlight that the participants are community leaders. Participation of young leaders outstands in this training.

As well as in other Community adaptation to climate change trainings, participants shall learn about integrated watershed management with focus on soil and water conservation, adaptation to climate change and disaster risk management, complementing the training with three field trips to exchange experiences.

With those actions, the ICC continues to build capacities in climate change of key actors in the Southern region of Guatemala.

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