The United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP23) is currently ongoing at the German City of Bonn.

During the first week of negotiations at the COP23, some important advancement to implement the Paris Agreement has been accomplished. As the EFE news portal has reported, the Ministers have found “some progress” in matters related to regulations when implementing the Paris Agreement, and through the facilitative dialog called Talanoa Dialogues, which establishes the design of the conditions to review the Climate Commitments assumed by the countries (NDC) in 2018, to achieve that planet’s temperature remains below 2°C. (Source: Conexioncop22)

Main announcements of the first week at the COP23

“We live in a moment where the impacts of climate change that were forecasted by science from long ago, the extreme storms, oceans warming, heat waves, are not just threats, but an emerging reality. We need more ambitious actions from all the corners of the world and from all of the sectors of society to face climate change”. (UNFCC 2017).

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