Happy birthday ICC!

Our research institute has now completed its first seven years of life, and to celebrate, we have gathered today to perform a special event, sharing with members, partners, friends, and other institutions that have contributed to make our first 7 years very successful.

To celebrate it, we hosted a special event in the auditorium of Cengicana, where we presented some of the successful stories of the ICC in the last year, we shared anecdotes about the work of our institute, the results of the project to Monitor the River flows in Southern Guatemala, a map with the flood prone areas was also presented, we also signed a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Forest INAB, and handed out commemorative pins to the professionals that have worked for the ICC for 5 years, and who are the following:

We share with you some of the photographs of the event that celebrates the good actions that have been performed alongside members, strategic partners, and everyone who contributes with us.

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