Today (23rd January), Alex Guerra, General Director of ICC, gave a presentation called “Climate challenges and adaptation opportunities for the Agricultural Sector”. He was invited by the organisers of the Annual Meeting of ADCON distribution partners, with participants from various regions of the world. In his presentation, Dr. Guerra gave examples of adaptation work carried out by ICC and of how the data generated, both on weather and on river flow, is used for the benefit of agriculture and for helping water users make a rational use of rivers in southern Guatemala.

ADCON is the company that produces the automated weather stations that are part of the ICC network. This company acknowledged the good management of the stations by ICC, that includes monthly preventive maintenance as well as weekly data quality control. Soluciones Analíticas is the distributor in Guatemala and El Salvador of the weather stations and the equipment to measure river flow (current meters) used by ICC, which is precise and robust technology that has worked well under the Central American conditions.

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