Friday, May 19th, 2017. The first fieldtrip to exchange experiences with some of the members of the Restoration Network was hosted, and it was organized along with the INAB Region IX team. The main objective is to socialize current experiences related to restoration.

The first point to be visited was an area with riparian forest (alongside the Acome River) established in 2012 in the Reynosa farms, part of Magdalena Sugar Mill, in La Gomera. This forest uses a design of one belt with native species for protection, and one belt of trees for wood. The second point to be visited was inside the limits of the Sipacate Naranjo National Park, near to El Paredon Buena Vista. In this place, participants became familiar with the restoration of mangroves with the Conocarpus erectus species, also known as “little button”.

Members of the network participated in the trip, some of them belong to agro industry businesses (palm and sugar), and representatives of municipalities (La Gomera and Nueva Concepcion), the GEF-PNUD, and the Indigenous Community of Palin, as well as professionals form the IMAB, CONAP and ICC.

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