The ICC, through the Capacity Building and Outreach Program, carried out a course on Watersheds and Climate Change together with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAGA) of Retalhuleu. This course was directed to MAGA-Retalhuleu technicians, and its goal was to strengthen their capacities regarding watersheds and adaptation to climate change and productive agricultural systems.        

This process is expected to promote and strengthen the adaptation to climate change of the agricultural sector (family agriculture) of the territory of Retalhuleu. The graduation event of the course was carried out on June 3, 2021 (see photograph 1 and 2).

38 agriculture technicians participated in the course that was developed through a hybrid modality (80% virtual and 20% face-to-face) from January to April 2021. The content was distributed in 9 sessions addressing the following topics: conceptual bases on watersheds, planification of a hydrographic basin, experience interchange on integrated watershed management with other organizations (FAO and ADRI), participant expositions related to climate change, scientific basis of climate change, climatic scenarios and adaptation to climate change, climate change mitigation, and a fieldtrip to conclude the course. The participants complied with a series of tasks to strengthen their learning.

Engr. Pablo Yax delivers the diploma to the departmental head of MAGA Retalhuleu, Engr. Harold Pérez Vasquez. Photograph on the right: Course group with their diplomas.
Session I, Beginning of the course on watersheds and presentation to the ICC in charge of Engr. Pablo Yax.

Session V, Expositions on climate change in charge of the technical staff (participants) of the agricultural extension of MAGA, Retalhuleu.
Session IX, Fieldtrip on the sub watershed of the Nil River, and a flow measurement exercise in charge of the technical staff of the ICC’s Climate and Hydrology program.