The United Nations Conference of the Parties about Climate Change (COP23) started today in Bonn, Germany, with strong and unified statements to uphold the Paris Agreement on climate change. This event will continue through November 17th.

“This is the second conference that is hosted ever since the Paris Agreement in 2015, and this time it will be presided by Fiji, one of the most affected countries by climate change and sea level rise, and that could even disappear along with Maldives” (Source: La Tercera, 2017.)

“The conference has its place against the records of destructive hurricanes, forest fires, floods, droughts, ice melting, and the effects in agriculture that threat food security” (Sources: UNFCC, 2017).

The main objective of the COP23 is to “land” on the agreements signed in Paris and to find tools that allow to measure and follow up on the commitments of each member state.

The representative of Cuba said that “the Caribbean countries have been severely affected by extreme hydrometeorological events, affecting our people”. (Source: UNCCC, 2017).

The following link has information about the conference:

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