June the 5th is World Environment Day, since it was declared in 1974 by the United Nations. This day is normally used to host activities to raise awareness about protecting our environment and our planet.

As part of the activities hosted today, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC participated in the parade organized by the municipality of Taxisco, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources MARN, Wetlands International, the United Nations Development Programme UNPD, and local students, and walked the main streets of the town mentioned above. The ICC contributed with 1,100 Matilisiguate trees that were given to students for them to plant them and take care of them.

In Nueva Concepcion, the ICC participated in the reforestation hosted at the Madre Vieja basin, which was organized by Hame Group and gathered representatives from the Governorship of Escuintla, the municipalities of Nueva Concepcion and Tiquisate, COCODES from different communities, students from both town, and ICC, among others. An opening ceremony was hosted and a reforestation with 1,000 trees of native species. This contributes to the plan to reforest this basin.

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