Project: Towards a production of Corn and Beans adapted to climate change.

Project implementation dates: October 1, 2012 to December 31, 2013.

Main implementer organization: ICC (Domestic).

Partner organizations: ICTA, Red SICTA, UVG/USDA, PMA, FEWS NET III (Domestic and International)

Official goals: To develop a mechanism to transfer technology to producers of basic grains in four locations of the Pacific Slope of Guatemala.

Specific goals:

  1. To create a knowledgebase of practices to adapt to climate change for the agricultural sector.
  2. To ease technology transfer and capacity building for the adaptation to climate change.

Location: 320 corn and beans producers in four locations (Chimaltenango, Nahuala, La Maquina, Nueva Concepcion).

Funding source: Climate Change Resilient Development, USAID Washington.

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