This week, the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC, hosted several closing ceremonies with the groups that finished our training courses in the following locations: Caballo Blanco, Retalhuleu, and La Gomera. A total of 75 community leaders participated in those events.

The Community Adaptation to Climate Change Training graduated 32 community leaders from Caballo Blanco, Retalhuleu, the State Capital of Retalhuleu graduated 15 leaders, while in La Gomera, Escuintla, 28 people received the diploma that certifies that they approved the training course.

The training courses are built up in three modules:  integrated watershed management, adaptation to climate change, and disaster risk management. Each module is complemented with a fieldtrip.

The locations in Caballo Blanco and Retalhuleu are supported by the Scholarship Fund “Study Opportunity”, sponsored by the Association of Guatemalan Sugar Producers ASAZGUA, while the group from La Gomera is supported by the Association of Independent Banana Producers APIB.

Group from  La Gomera, supported by APIB.

Group from Retalhuleu, supported by ASAZGUA.

Group from Caballo Blanco, Reu, supported by ASAZGUA.

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