The “Climate Change” and “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” trainings continued this week with two sessions, one in San Antonio Suchitepéquez and the second in La Blanca, San Marcos.

74 people (students and teachers) participated in the session held at the Einstein EcoClub of San Antonio Suchitepéquez, and 40 community leaders from La Blanca, San Marcos strengthened their capacities in climate change. Both sessions focused on integrated watershed management, even though the second group had a special focus on soil conservation.

Those two sessions are part of the strategy of the ICC, that builds capacities of the people to better adapt to climate change.

It is important to mention that the training based in La Blanca, San Marcos, is supported by the Association of Independent Banana Producers, APIB, while the training in San Antonio Suchitepequez is supported by the Association of Friends of the Ixtacapa River.


Participants demonstrated to be happy with the training, because they have learned topics that they have not learned before. “Other countries are preparing to face climate change, it is good for us to get ready as well” said Humberto Aguilar, participant from La Blanca, San Marcos.

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