Several community leaders from Tiquisate, Escuintla, participated in a fieldtrip to the Nahualate watershed, where they visited the uplands, midlands and lowlands of the basin. 29 people participated in the fieldtrip and it was guided by personnel of the ICC.

The fieldtrip began yesterday in the early morning, which allowed participants to visit several points of the watershed, such as where the Nahualate river crosses the CA-2 road (lowlands of the watershed), the divide between the Ixtacapa and Masa sub basins in the midlands of the watershed, and the high part of the Ixtacapa River, uplands of the Nahualate watershed. They also visited the Chichoy River.

During the visit, participants learned more about watersheds, the several uses of soil according to its region, and the social factors that affect the watershed.

Also, they learned more about the efforts to protect the Ixtacapa sub basin, which is promoted by the Friends of the Ixtacapa River Association -ADRI-, thanks to Jorge Estrada, who joined the fieldtrip.

This fieldtrip is part of the Community Adaptation to Climate Change Training, which is developed by the Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- supported by the scholarship fund Study Opportunities, funded by the Association of Guatemalan Sugar Producers ASAZGUA.

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