Meteorological conditions are expected to stay warm during the day for this week, cold nights and early mornings are also expected, as well as some light drizzles and rains in the North and Central regions of Guatemala, as INSIVUMEH reported yesterday through its meteorological briefing.

Particularly, maximum temperatures can hit up to 28°C during the day in Guatemala City and the central region, while at nights and early mornings the temperature can go down to 11 degrees in that area. Lowest temperatures will be felt in the Western Highlands, where thermometers can go as down as -2°C.

For the Pacific region, maximum temperatures could reach 35°C, while the minimum could be 16°C. Light winds are also expected for Southern Guatemala.

Conditions of the season

It is worth to remember that the meteorological conditions that we feel in Guatemala nowadays are common of the cold season, thus it is always advisable to follow up the recommendations that are issued by authorities and professional entities in the matter.

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