We started with community diploma courses on climate change adaptation

February 15, 2024

As part of capacity building work that ICC develops, five Community Adaptation to Climate Change diploma courses were launched last week at Masagua, Cuyuta and Nueva Concepción Municipalities in Escuintla department, and Taxisco and Chiquimulilla in Santa Rosa department.  

First session of diploma course at Cuyuta municipality at Escuintla department.

These formative processes aims to strengthen communitarian leaders’ skills to develop a better climate change adaptation and integrated watershed management, despite of other benefits to households, agricultural systems and general population.  

First session of diploma course at Taxisco municipality at Santa Rosa department.

The thematic content at a communitarian level is distributed in seven sessions to tackle environmental issues, watershed conceptual bases, climate change scientific basis, adaptation and mitigation of climate change, disaster risk management and field trips.  

First session of diploma course at Nueva Concepción municipality at Escuintla deparment.


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