Due to the humidity that is entering the country from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, this week could have some rains and light drizzles with electric activity during the afternoons.

Guatemala City could have fog during the first hours of the day, and then the day will remain partly cloudy alternating with scattered clouds. Days will be warm, and nights and early mornings will be cold. Wind will be light and variable. Maximum temperatures that can be registered will be between 26.0 ºC to 28.0 ºC; minimums could be between 12.0°C to 14.0°C. The central and western highlands will be around the 24.0 °C to 30.0 ºC, and the minimum temperatures in between 2.0°C to 4.0°C.

The Pacific will have some clouds in the morning, smoke in the afternoons and short rains. Wind will be from the South East. Maximum temperatures will be between 33.0 ºC to 35.0 ºC, and the minimums from 16.0°C to 18.0°C. With information from the Meteorological Briefing INSIVUMEH, February 27th, 2017.

The picture shows that the atmospheric pressure in Guatemala is around the 1014Mb, which is normal for this month.

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