The first week of August has a weather forecast that includes cloudy days, scattered clouds, warm temperatures, and rains with electric activity mainly in the afternoons and nights.

The forecast for Guatemala City also indicates that, beside the cloudy days, there will also be sunny and warm parts of the day, with north light wind that can switch to south in the afternoons and that could increase as of the middle of the week. The maximum temperatures could reach up to 28°C.

For the Pacific, it is also forecasted to be cloudy in the mornings, as well as warm and humid. Winds from the south east and temperatures that could reach 35°C are expected.

The satellite images of the water vapor channel show the great amount of humidity in the southern region, as well as the clouds in the Pacific Ocean that are associated to a low pressure system that could intensify and thus, allow humidity to enter the southern coast of Guatemala.

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