Private Institute for Climate Change Research, Guatemala. Warm days are forecasted for this week, with humidity entering from both oceans, scattered clouds, and light rains in the afternoons and nights are also forecasted for the south, Caribbean and midland regions.

This is due to a cold front that is moving towards the Yucatan Peninsula with a weak influence that can possibly affect Guatemala on Thursday. By Thursday, temperatures could slightly decrease, however the week will be warm.

Central regions:

Foggy in the mornings, warm days and clouds during the day. Partly clear skies in the afternoon. Light north wind switching to south in the afternoon. Maximum temperatures in Guatemala City from 27.0 ºC to 29.0ºC, Central and Western Highlands from 25.0 °C to 29.0 ºC, Minimum temperatures for Guatemala  City 14.0° to 16°C, Western Highlands 4.0°C to 6.0°C.

Pacific regions: 

Foggy in the morning, scattered clouds, warm and misty during the day, cloudy in the afternoon with chances of light rains. Light south east winds. Maximum temperatures from 34.0°C to 36.0°C.


The NOAA’s GFS model shows the cold front that could allow temperatures to slightly decrease on Thursday, as well as winds to accelerate and light rains to occur. Source: NOAA, 2018.

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