Private Institute for Climate Change Research, Guatemala. The period of the heatwave 2018 has been interrupted by the easterly waves that have generated weak rains in the country. This is a regular condition of the season.

The heatwave is observed in Guatemala between July and August, but it is always affected by the easterly waves. And this month was not the exception.

However, not all of the regions of the country can observe a heatwave, since some of them always have rains, although these can be weak. For this season, it is estimated that the heatwave begun at the beginning of the month and could finish in around 10 days. Another heatwave could be observed by the beginning of August and could last for about two weeks. These small summers are known as heatwaves and are a decrease of rains in the rainy season that are sometimes observed as days without rains, but it is not a rule.

For the upcoming days, the forecast is as follows.

Central area: scattered clouds to cloudy, weak short rains with electric activity in the afternoons and nights. North east winds that can fluctuate from light to moderate. Maximum temperatures: Guatemala City 25.0 ºC to 27.0ºC, Central and Western Highlands from 22.0 °C to 26.0 ºC.

Pacific regions: fog in the morning, scattered clouds during the day, cloudy in the afternoon with chances of local rains with electric activity in the evenings and nights. Light south east winds. Maximum temperatures from 33.0 ºC to 35.0 ºC.



The weather map above (Weather map. Source: NOAA, 2018.) shows the three easterly waves approaching Guatemala, one for today afternoon, one for the weekend and one for the beginning of next week, which will generate some local rains in the country.

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