The Private Institute for Climate Change Research -ICC- welcomes the new Senior Researcher in Climate and Hydrology Paris Francisco Rivera Ramos.

Within his academic qualifications, Paris Rivera has a Master’s degree in Hydraulic Resources, Quality Control Option; has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and he is currently studying a PhD in Climate Change and Sustainability, all of them from the San Carlos University of Guatemala.

His international academic background includes the Meteorologist Class II Technician diploma from the Meteorology State Agency AEMET, Madrid, Spain; training in Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage Facilities, Sapporo, Japan; training in Climate Variability and Prediction by the Meteorological Service of Turkey and the United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -NOAA-, Ankara, Turkey; Hurricane Prediction and Alert, NOAA, Miami, United States; workshop of Implantation of the World Framework of Climate Services, San Jose, Costa Rica; workshop Evaluation of the Competencies of the Personnel of Aeronautics Meteorology, Buenos Aires, Argentina; workshop of the Theory and Use Regional Climate Models, Trieste, Italy; training in Meteorological Services for Aerial Navigation, Mexico City, Mexico; workshop Systems of Early Advisory Multi-threat, San Jose, Costa Rica; training in Weather Modeling, Climate and Hydrology, Curitiba, Brazil; and the Regional Workshop of Water Measurement with the World Meteorological Organization WMO, Managua, Nicaragua. He also has trainings in Guatemala, organized by CONRED, European Union, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, and the San Carlos University.

His work experience includes the Guatemalan Association of Engineers where he was the coordinator of the Hydrological Resources Commission, the INSIVUMEH, where he was the director of the Research and Climate Service Department, and Adviser in Meteorology and Hydrology in the same department, the San Carlos University where he was a professor, the Ministry of Health, among others. He has also participated in other countries including United States, Paraguay, Uruguay, Curacao and Cayman Islands.

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