Central America is one of the regions most vulnerable to the effects of variability and climate change. The Private Institute for Climate Change Research (ICC) was created with the purpose of developing applied research and promoting projects that contribute to decreasing vulnerability, mitigating emissions, and adapting to climate change. During the ICC’s first nine years, these actions took place exclusively in Guatemala.

In July of 2019, the ICC officially began operations in El Salvador with the country’s National Coordinator, Francisco Soto.

The ICC is currently developing the strategic plan for work in El Salvador, which will include generating data about weather and hydrology, developing actions for integrated watershed management, and improving capacities for adaptation, mitigation, and environmental management.

Financed by the private sector and through specific projects, the ICC undertakes projects with businesses, communities, universities, and municipalities, as well as other civil and governmental organizations.

The ICC’s General Director, Alex Guerra Noriega, PhD. highlighted that the ICC is always seeking to work to support government institutions and to serve as a bridge between distinct societal actors in order to find solutions to challenges presented by climate change, especially at the local level, where action is most needed.

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