Atmospheric conditions cause moderate-to-strong rains

Due to easterly waves passing through and approaching Guatemala, along with the typical atmospheric conditions of the month, local moderate-to-strong rains can occur in the Pacific regions of the country.

Central area including Guatemala City:  Scattered clouds to cloudy during the day, Rains in the afternoons and nights. Thunder. North east wind switching to south in the evening. Maximum temperatures: Guatemala City 25.0 ºC to 27.0ºC, Central and Western Highlands from 23.0 °C to 27.0 ºC.

Pacific regions: fog in the morning, scattered clouds to cloudy during the day, moderate to strong rains/thunder in the evenings and nights, mainly in the midlands and south west. South east light winds. Maximum temperatures from 33.0 ºC to 35.0 ºC.

Picture credit: CONAGUA, 2018.

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