A strategic part of the “Community Adaptation to Climate Change” training are the field trips, where the community leaders share experiences and implement what they have learned during the first sessions of the training.

Today, the community leaders from La Blanca, San Marcos, are participating in a field trip where they visited the high zone of the the Ocosito and Samala basins, the rapids of the Samala River and parts of the Naranjo River, among other places, where they strengthened what they have learned about integrated watershed management, which is a crucial part of the training that is developed in alliance with the Association of Independent Banana Producers, APIB.

With their capacities strengthened, community leaders are better prepared to adapt to climate change along with their communities.


Currently, teachers from Santa Rosa that were part of the Climate Change trainings in previous years are participating in a series of update sessions, that will allow them to have the most up-to-date information about this topic.

With this update sessions, participants will have the information that was published by the IPCC between 2013 and 2014, since the information that they got firsthand was based on the reports released by the IPCC in 2007. “With those actions, we make sure that the teachers have the most relevant information and therefore, be more prepared to adapt to climate change” said Pablo Yax, specialist of the ICC.

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