The morning of this Tuesday, December 12th, an earthquake drill was conducted at the Guatemalan Center for Sugar Cane Research and Training Center CENGICANA, and the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC, to strength the capacities of the team in regards of disaster risk management, and to comply with the 224-2017 government agreement, which promotes cautionary actions and measures for industry safety.

The drill’s planning, organization, capacity building, equipment, and evaluation, was supported by the project “Improving resilience in Central America by supporting the implementation of the Sendai Framework”, which is supported by Action Against Hunger and the ICC, and financially funded by the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations ECHO.

The drill included processes of evacuation, first aid, and care of injured. Fires were also putted out, and facilities’ conditions were evaluated to determine if they can be used after the quake.

The event was evaluated by Action Against Hunger and CONRED, who added some valuable recommendations about the protocols that have been established by CENGICANA and ICC, and issued recommendations. 130 people participated in the drill including professionals and visitors.

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