Due that humidity is entering the country from the Atlantic Ocean, some rains and light drizzles with electric activity could occur, mostly in the middle of the week. Also, the interaction of air masses accelerates wind, generating high speed wind gusts in Southern Guatemala that could reach up to 60km/h.

It is important to take cautionary actions against these gusts according to your place of residence, making sure that roofs and other articles that can fall are properly secured/attached. If you are to drive, it is possible that you feel the force of wind over your vehicle, thus we recommend staying alert and reducing speed.

The meteorological conditions for Guatemala City include warm days with some clouds and scattered clouds. Wind will be light and moderate, and some wind gusts could occur. Maximum temperatures could be from 25.0 ºC to 27.0 ºC, minimums could be around 12.0°C to 14.0°C. The central and western highlands could be between the 24.0 °C to 30.0 ºC as maximums, and minimums between 2.0°C and 4.0°C. Cold temperatures will continue at night.

The Pacific is expecting some clouds in the mornings, smoke in the afternoons and short rains. Wind will be from the east and north-east; it will be light and moderate with high wind gusts. Maximum temperatures could stay between 33.0 ºC to 35.0 ºC, and minimums between 16.0°C and 18.0°C.

With information from INISIVUMEH, 2017.


Picture shows the flowlines for the Earth GFS model. Wind from the east is visible, which will accelerate due to the interaction between the air masses. Source: Earth Model Global Forecast System USA, 2017

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