As the celebration of the National Tree Day and as the starting point for the reforestation season, today we planted 800 trees in the river bank of the Madre Vieja River, in Nueva Concepción, Escuintla, and they were planted by students, local authorities and representatives of the private sector that participate in the technical roundtable of the Madre Vieja River.

The activity hosted students from the Fray Matias de Cordova Elementary School, the Governor Aura Palala, representatives from INAB, MARN, Municipality of Nueva Concepcion, as well as community leaders from Nueva Concepcion and Tiquisate, alongside other members of the technical roundtable such as representatives of the sugar industry, banana enterprises, and African palm enterprises that operate in the area. The activity was supported by the Private Institute for Climate Change Research ICC.

Those 800 trees of conacaste, madrecacao, cenicero y plumillo, among other species, were planted in the river bank of the Madre Vieja River and are the starting point for the reforestations in the basin mentioned above. 47 thousand trees are expected to be planted in that basin in 2017.

In Reu y Yepocapa

Also, in simultaneous activities, trees were also planted in the Peraz River bank, in La Maquina, Retalhuleu. 1,500 trees of native species were planted there, since it is one of the commitments and improvements to the river that were agreed in the technical roundtable. In Yepocapa, a similar activity was hosted along the Municipality, families of the town and other institutions that work in the area; the purpose was to commemorate National Tree Day and encourage people to plant trees. 200 trees were planted in Yepocapa.

Those activities contribute to the one-million trees goal that the ICC established for 2017.

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